Web fonts

    ├── fonts/
    .    └── some-font/
    .        ├── some-font-regular.ttf
    .        ├── some-font-regular.woff
    .        ├── some-font-bold.ttf
    .        └── some-font-bold.woff
    └── styles/
        ├── webfonts
        .    └── webfont-some-font.scss
        └── global.scss

Local web fonts

Local web fonts are fairly easy to add to the app:

  1. Put your font files under src/fonts/
  2. Create a new SCSS file under src/styles/webfonts/
  3. Generate CSS font-face declarations for the font files with the font-face SCSS mixin like in this example.
  4. @import the new webfont SCSS file in global.scss

You can now refer to the included font family like any other font in your stylesheets, and expect users to have this font loaded when using the app.

Hosted web fonts

If you prefer to use a hosted service like Google Fonts, you might retrieve the CSS definitions from the hosted service instead of including it in the global styles. These should be included just like any other vendor stylesheet links, i.e. by adding them as <link> tags in index.html.ejs. You can then use the font name as font-family in your CSS like with any other font.

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