Using a new Vue plugin

How do I install a new Vue plugin?

    ├── components/
    .    └── MyComponent.vue
    └── vendor/           // Setup files for all vendor libraries
        ├── vue-foo.js    // Vue plugin's setup
        └── vue.js        // Main Vue instance setup

1. Add your plugin as dependency

npm install vue-foo --save

2. Add a new plugin setup file

src/vendor/vue-foo.js ``

import Vue from 'vue';
import VueFoo from 'vue-foo';

// Get your app configuration from `src/config/`
import config from '@config';

Vue.use(VueFoo, {
    fooOption: config.meta.title

export default VueFoo

3. Import plugin setup in the main Vue setup file

3.1 If plugin does not require injecting to main Vue instance (e.g. vue-meta):


import './vue-foo';
import './vue-meta';
// ...

3.2 If plugin requires injecting to main Vue instance (e.g. vue-router):


import foo from './vue-foo';
import router from './vue-router';

// ...

const options = {
    el: '#app',
    foo, // <- add this (see plugin docs for details)
    template: '<app></app>'

5. Use plugin as intended in components


computed: {
    someProperty: function () {
        return this.$foo.fooProp;

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