Stylesheet architecture

Any practical modern web application will be built with a mix of global and component-specific styling. CSS's cascade makes this easy, so long as you keep things organised and use a sensible naming convention. Bellevue offers a full-featured, preconfigured architecture for architecturing (S)CSS code in a scalable way.

Global styles structure

└── src/
    └── styles/
        ├── defaults/          // BAse styling for <body> and other elements
        ├── functions/         // Sass functions
        ├── keyframes/         // CSS animation definitions
        ├── mixins/            // Sass mixins
        ├── transitions/       // Named transition definitions
        ├── utilities/         // CSS utility classes
        ├── constants.scss     // Global Sass variables and defaults
        ├── font-face.scss     // Generates @font-face rules for local web fonts
        ├── functions.scss     // All Sass functions
        ├── mixins.scss        // All Sass mixins
        ├── normalize.scss     // Global resets
        └── global.scss        // All global base styling

All global CSS is output by importing global.scss in App.vue. All mixins, functions and global variables are imported by mixins.scss and functions.scss respectively, and then .

In your final output, global stylesheets component styles come after global styles.

Component styles

Components are written as .vue files, which include a <style> tag for writing component styles. All functions, mixins and global variables are injected into your components automatically.

Vue's <style scoped> is not used by default, as this will make it difficult to override child component styles in a parent component. If you've traditionally had troubles with the cascade though, and are not interested in overwriting child component styles per context, you might want to use scoped in your components, and only allow customizing the component via props.

Sass variables in JS

Commonly accessed style variables in Sass are set in constants.scss. You can access these in JS by importing @config/styles.

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