Localisation capability is included in the template and is handled with vue-i18n.

This plugin supports localised copy text, date formatting, number formatting and crude pluralisation. It also offers a nice set of various ways to organise the localisation depending on your needs.

Aspects of localisation

  • Localised copy text
  • Date and time formatting
  • Number formatting

Removing localisation support

If you don't need localisation, it might be better to just get rid of the complexity of vue-i18n. It's also fairly easy to add back in later if you need it in the future.

  1. Remove dependency: vue-i18n from package.json
  2. Remove or comment the parts in src/vue/plugins/index.js where VueI18n is imported and exported.
  3. Remove or comment the part in src/main.js where plugins.VueI18n is passed to Vue.
  4. Remove src/vue/plugins/vue-i18n.js.
  5. Clean up sample code that uses localisation
    • In the script part of .vue components: this.$t() or this.$d()
    • In the template part of .vue components: $t() or $d()

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