Vuex is preconfigured and enabled by default.

    └── store/
        ├── myModule.js
        └── index.js

Vuex is a state management pattern + library for managing global state in Vue applications. Global state is shared between components, and can be further split into modules, persisted across sessions on local storage etc. You can also unit test your getters, mutations, and actions with Jest in isolation from your components.


The Vuex pattern is different from the other parts of your code, and can feel weird or unnecessarily complete. Vuex can be powerful, but you might also consider using services if you're not sure you need it. There are also many authored alternatives out there.

Removing Vuex

If you don't need Vuex, it might be better to just get rid of the extra complexity. It's also fairly easy to add back in later if you need it in the future.

  1. Remove or comment out the vuex import and injection in src/vendor/vue.js
  2. Remove the Vuex card from PageDemo.vue

To completely clean up your codebase:

  1. Remove src/vendor/vuex.js
  2. Remove src/store/
  3. Remove unit/store/
  4. Remove the alias @store from src/config/config.aliases.js

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