Feature comparison

Bellevue is built on top of the awesome, official vuejs-templates/webpack template. While it's a great template, it does lack a few features in the tooling, and provides very little in terms of architecture and patterns for writing application code on top of the tooling.

This project aims to provide a more realistic representation of what a modern full-featured frontend project will have. It's important to remember that there are many different, valid ways of introducing the features listed below, and any project template like this will have to make opinionated decisions about how to architecture everything. If you are unhappy with the way this project is structured, you can still use this comparison as a reference.

For a quick overview of what the full feature set of Bellevue is, check out the annotated project structure.

From vuejs-templates/webpack

Feature Bellevue vuejs-templates/webpack
ES6 Yes Yes
Webpack 2 Yes Yes
Environment-specific tooling configuration Yes Yes
URL resolution for all file types and assets Yes Yes
Completely static assets Yes Yes
Single-file components as .vue files Yes Yes
Hot reload Per-module Per-module
Minify and compile JS and CSS Yes Yes
Autoprefixing for CSS Yes Yes
Source maps Yes Yes
Unit tests Jest Jest
E2E tests Selenium Selenium
Routing with vue-router Yes Yes
Excellent error reporting Yes Yes

New and improved

Preconfigured aliases

All relevant parts of your source code are preconfigured in Webpack, allowing you to avoid relative paths in your files.


Centralised config for tooling and app code


Sass support is preconfigured for global styling (separate .scss files), and component styles (.vue files). Sass variables are also exposed to JavaScript, avoiding duplication. Included are commonly used mixins and other Sass tools that are shared across the application code.

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Assets and SVG optimisation

Centralised config for tooling and app code Preconfigured support for using bitmap and other assets from one place without relative paths. SVG assets are compiled and optimized, and support currentColor for CSS-based coloring. Support for adding local web fonts is also preconfigured.

Linting and workspace configuration

Linting is preconfigured for .js, .vue, .css and .scss files. Additional linting configuration for JS imports, Vue-specific code stylesheets (template, script and style) and Jest spec files. Linters can be run on command line or in your editor.

Preconfigured settings for VS Code (common plugins, all linting tools, Babel etc.).

Manifest files and meta tags

  • Sitemap generation (sitemap.xml)
  • robots.txt and robots meta tags
  • WebApp manifest.json generation
  • Advanced index.html templating (prerendered)
  • Run-time meta tag management

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Vue plugins

Support for the following comes preconfigured:

  • Plugins
  • Components
  • Directives
  • Filters
  • Mixins

Each of these can be registered globally or imported per component. New plugins and other extensions can be added easily.

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App code structure


Persistence can be achieved via preconfigured routing or local storage support. Read more


Preconfigured Vuex with module support and tests. Read more

Offline support

Webpack's offline plugin preconfigured (disabled by default). Included network service to detect network status in runtime code. Read more

Google Analytics

Preconfigured (disabled by default). Read more

Not preconfigured

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