Offline support

Providing a good offline experience for your users requires great design and careful consideration of what feature set can and should be available to your users in any given connection status.

What this means varies from project to project. That said, this template comes with the basic tools you need to implement at least basic offline handling for your users. You can easily see this in, as the app will give you offline messaging in the titlebar out of the box. You can also prevent all offline usage by enabling a placeholder page to be shown in App.vue.

Caching app assets

This template comes with preconfigured support caching the assets needed for running a cached version of your web app. The caching relies on service workers or appcache, and is implemented with offline-plugin that is available for Webpack.

You can disable this feature in configuration.

Network service

In your app, during runtime, you can use the network service network to detect the user's connection status.


import { network } from '@services';

export default {
    // ...

    computed: function () {

        offlineWarningIsVisible: function () {
            return network.isOffline ? true : false;

        submitButtonEnabled: function () {
            return network.isOnline ? true : false;


    // ...

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