Backend communication

Projects can be very different in terms of what kind communication they have with different backends. There are countless alternatives for various use cases, and what works best will vary on a project-to-project basis. Some of the alternatives recommended for Vue are listed on Awesome Vue.


Axios us a popular simple and generic HTTP communication, and is already included in this template.

If you don't want to use it, simply remove it from package.json and remove the part in ConsolePlugins.vue where it is used.

Axios documentation:


SuperAgent is another popular generic library for communication.

SuperAgent on GitHub

Fetch API

Native Fetch API might be fine for you if you only need low-level network communication, and the browser support is enough for your project.

Read more on MDN


If you're into GraphQL, Apollo is a popular solution and can be integrated with Vue.


For integrating a Vue frontend with advanced and complex technologies such as Meteor, GraphQL or Firebase real-time, you can try vue-supply as one alternative.

vue-supply on GitHub

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