End-to-end tests

    ├── e2e/
    └── e2e.html
    └── e2e/
    └── e2e/
        └── custom-assertions/

End-to-end tests are written using Nightwatch.js. By default they are run on Chrome, which has a standalone driver that doesn't have dependencies.

You can use the scripts listed in setup instructions to run tests.

When running the tests, you will see test report in your CLI that looks like this:

End-to-end test results on command line

An HTML version will also be generated:

End-to-end test results in browser

The HTML report will be available as /reports/e2e.html. You can open it over file://, no file server is needed.


Selenium is also supported, as it supports more browsers, but to use the Selenium driver you must have Java SE Development Kit installed. You can download the latest JDK for your platform on Oracle's download page.

After installing JDK successfully, you can set DRIVER=selenium when running the e2e script, and the tests will be run on Selenium instead of standalone Chrome.

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