Stack summary

  • Fully running on Node
    • Version configured in .nvmrc
    • Dependencies are imported from npm and are configured in package.json
    • Production builds are static (can be served with any file server)
  • Webpack + Babel
    • ES6 with imports, exports etc.
    • Modern frontend tooling built on auto loaders
    • Infinitely configurable and extendable
    • Highly customized per environment
  • Supports for three distinct environments:
    • dev
    • prod
    • test
  • Command line
    • Linters, build and other scripts are also available on CLI
    • Scripts are configured in package.json
  • Vue
    • Modern, fast reactive UI framework
    • View components and generic Vue objects supported
    • Plugins and directives can be added
    • Global state management on Vuex
  • Styles
    • SCSS
    • PostCSS
    • Autoprefixer
    • Tooling for both global style builds and component styles in .vue files
    • CSS modules and scoped component styles available but currently not used
    • Vendor styles can be included but currently not used
  • Tests
    • Unit tests on Karma
    • End-to-end tests on Nightwatch (Standalonw Chrome or Selenium)

Build scripts

You can find environment-specific build scripts under webpack/. To add more automation or support for new languages in the pipeline, you can include Webpack plugins and loaders in these files.

You should generally not have to touch these files during application development, as there is utility code included that reads values from centralised configuration from simpler configuration files.

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