Generating docs

There is a preconfigured way of generating code docs with Docco. It isn't a very sophisticated tool, but it can be used to auto generate readable docs from code comments.

To generate docs, use one of these npm scripts on the command line:

# All docs
npm run docs

# Docs for individual JS code dirs
npm run docs:components
npm run docs:directives
npm run docs:mixins
npm run docs:models
npm run docs:plugins
npm run docs:services
npm run docs:util

# Global styles
npm run docs:styles

Known issue: Docco does not generate menus or index pages, only the HTML files corresponding to each source file.

Note: you can change the output directory, but you will have to do so by updating these scripts in package.json. This way you can keep the generated docs in a separate repository, for example.

Note: docs are currently ignored in Git. If you wish to store docs in your repository, remove docs/.gitignore.

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