Adding new assets

How do I use icons, bitmap graphics and other assets?


Add bitmap files anywhere under the src/assets/ folder.

    └── assets/
        └── some-dir/
            └── some-bitmap.png

Webpack will resolve any URLs you use to reference to these assets, but it's best to use aliases:

var someBitmapPath = require('@assets/some-dir/some-bitmap.png');
.some-class {
    backgorund-image: url('~@assets/some-dir/some-bitmap.png');
<img :src="someBitmapPath">
<img src="~@assets/some-dir/some-bitmap.png">


    └── svg/
        └── some-asset.svg

Add your SVG in the src/svg/. Webpack will automatically include it in the combined SVG sprite, and it can then be used with one of the <pic> components.

<pic-svg :asset="some-asset"></pic-svg>

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