Setting page meta information

How do I control page title and meta tags in the single-page applicatiom?

Auto-injected meta tags

Some Webpack plugins print the meta tags needed for the functionality they want to deliver. For example, there is a plugin that resizes app icons and also generates the meta tags required by iOS to use them.

Site-wide meta tags

This project comes with extensive templating for printing meta tags based on the centralised configuration. Most common use cases, such as viewport definitions for mobile browsers, are editable in the config file and you don't have to worry about writing the exact and sometimes obscure HTML code. For a quick overview of the tags that are be printed, check out the ugly source code for index.html.ejs.

If you really want to add custom meta tags or similar code to your site, you can edit index.html.ejs in any way you please. If you find yourself manually adding tags for a common use case, consider filing an issue or PR so that the tags can be included in Bellevue.

Page-specific meta tags

Use the metaInfo property in your page component.The vue-meta plugin is included in this template and it can control the page title and other tags depending on which components are rendered.

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